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tearstainsdogAre you a pet lover who is tired of the unsightly red or brown clumps under your pet’s eyes? Then you have come to the right informative resource site. Before, several pet owners used at-home remedies, like a damp cloth to wipe away unsightly tear stains. Nowadays, hundreds of pet owners are switching to natural tear stain products, like supplements. Some of the best products on the market do not contain potentially harmful ingredients, like Tylosin. Safety is a universal concern for pets. Using a safe, effective and affordable tear stain supplement is the best option on the market to effectively address the appearance of tear stains.

Some of the products below may be effective, but they may contain Tylosin.  Tylosin is an antibiotic that can potentially compromise the health of your pet. † The best products on the market that can address the look of tear stains are those that do not contain Tylosin.

Our trained professionals have spent countless hours evaluating tear stain solutions and have narrowed it down to some of the top solutions on the market! Below you will find 6 of the best tear stain products that are sold online.

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  • Tearplex

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    • Marketed to Reduce Appearance of Existing Tear StainsSuperior
    • Marketed to Target Future Tear StainsSuperior
    • Does NOT Contain Tylosin†Potentially Harmful IngredientSuperior
    • Marketed to Contain Natural IngredientsSuperior
    • Marketed for Dogs of ALL BreedsSuperior
Marketed to Reduce Appearance of Existing Tear Stains Marketed to Target Future Tear Stains Does NOT Contain Tylosin†Potentially Harmful Ingredient Marketed to Contain Natural Ingredients Marketed for Dogs of ALL Breeds


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Angels Glow

Angels Glow
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Pet Spark

Pet Spark
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Four Paws Crystal Eye

Four Paws Crystal Eye®
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Tear stains can form on dogs and cats if excessive amounts of bacteria and yeast accumulate on hair/fur around the eye area. Topical options such as wipes can help cleanse the hair/fur under the eyes, but this is only a temporary solution. This means tears can continue to develop. “The best way to reduce the look of tear stains is to use a natural supplement that can address problematic factors from within, so that the eye area looks cleansed on the outside.”

The formations of tear stains are most visible on animals with light colored hair/fur and highly affect small dog breeds like Shi-Tzu’s, Poodles, and the Maltese. Although tear stains are not detrimental, they can be unsightly looking in appearance because they make hair/fur look clumpy and discolored. For many pet owners, this can be infuriating, especially if your pet is regularly groomed. By grooming your dog or cat, it will not prevent the formation of tear stains. The best way to reduce the look of tear stains is to have your dog or cat consume a natural supplement, such as one of the products listed above. Supplement products are promoted to work from within the pet to offer visible lasting results. Supplements are marketed to address factors that promote the formation of tear stains. In a matter of weeks, the hair/fur underneath your pet’s eyes will grow and appear to remain stain free. Simply trimming your pet’s hair/fur as it grows is all that is required from the pet owner, if their pet takes a supplement option.

Natural Tear Stain Remover – As an owner of a dog or cat, you may search for tear stain products that are safe and effective. Some consumers look for products that are natural rather than obtaining a product from a veterinarian, which can encompass ingredients that are considered harmful. There are several products on the market, such as Angels Eyes that encompass potentially dangerous ingredients, such as the ingredient Tylosin†. Although wipes are considered a tear stain remover they are only a temporary solution. However, supplements are an effective solution with long lasting results that can reduce the look of tear stains within a few weeks.  There are several supplements on the market that have not been linked to side effects and do not contain potentially harmful ingredients. To see which products may work best to reduce the look of tear stains on your pet, please refer to the review grid above.

Best Tear Stain Remover – Majority of dog breeds can develop tear stains. Smaller, light haired dog breeds such as Poodles, Maltese’s, and Shih Tzu’s may be more prone to the formation of tear stains, as compared to larger breed dogs. A tear stain remover, such as wipes, may not be convenient for some pet owners as it may be time consuming daily to cleanse the facial area. Some tear stain removers also produce odors from the ingredient contained in their solution. Natural supplements may be more convenient as they are provided once daily with food, and may be more effective for both existing and new stains that may appear. It is advantageous to review the ingredients section of the product’s label and ensure it contains safe ingredients that have not been linked to potentially harmful side effects.

Causes for Tear Stains – Dogs or cats that have shallow eye sockets, eyelids that face inward, excessive hair growth around the eyes, or tear ducts that easily clog may be more prone to the formation of tear stains. If your dog has white hair/fur, then tear stains are highly visible on them. This is because pigments in their tears easily change the color of their fur. If your dog has long hair, then it may be prone to the look of stains.

Dog Tear Staining – Using a damp cloth to wipe away the look of tears on your dog may not offer desired results. Instead, a tear stain supplement may be needed to reduce the look of stains on your pet’s fur. The formation of Poodle tear stains, Shih Tzu tear stains and Maltese tear stains are common. These dog breeds frequently use products to reduce the look of their stains. These dog breeds share common characteristics, such as shallow eye sockets or excessive hair growth around the eyes. Before using a supplement on one of these breeds, it is important to review the product details to see if the product contains potentially harmful substances. Consulting with a veterinarian can be an additional source that helps individuals distinguish which products contain potentially harmful ingredients. Research has found that many tear stain products contain Tylosin, an ingredient that is potentially harmful and may promote negative side effects†.

The antibiotic Tylosin should only be prescribed from a veterinarian. Tylosin is frequently administered to farm animals and some small animals in order to treat infections of the respiratory tract and the skin. The use of Tylosin in dogs and cats is prohibited by the FDA, but it can be prescribed through your veterinarian. In order to safely and effectively reduce the look of tear stains on a dog or cat, you should use a supplement that does not contain Tylosin, such as Tearplex.  There are several products dogson the market that are Tylosin-free and are marketed to support a healthy immune system and prevent current and future tear stains from developing.